Week One of WW is a success!


It’s been one full week on weight watchers and I’m finally seeing the scale go down, not up! I’ve been struggling with this for so long, and with the last plan I was following, I never once saw this much weight lost in one week. This is a clear sign that I’m on a better (for me) path. Now, first weeks usually show more pounds lost than other weeks, but it’s still a good week. I’m feeling very encouraged. I know that the number on the scale isn’t the most important indicator of progress, but it is still a reflection of progress. 

I’m going to continue doing what I’ve been doing as far as my diet goes. I also need to start exercising more. Like, a lot more. I currently do nothing. Ha ha! I sometimes go to the gym but not enough to call it a workout routine. So, tonight in a little while, when the evening rush is over at my 24 hour gym, I’m gonna head over there and get some cardio in, if nothing else. My plan is to do at least 10 minutes every day. So far, I haven’t been getting to the gym. Tonight, I intend to break that cycle! 🤞


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