A journey that started with a sputter


This photo was taken in October of 2022. I weighed 333.2 pounds. It was day one of my journey to lose 150 pounds. I had a little bit of early success but for the past 2 months, at least, I have been off the wagon. I ended up gaining back everything I lost, minus one pound. I have recently reinvigorated my attempt to lose nearly half my body weight, and get more active. This blog is to help keep me accountable, and to update loved ones and friends about my progress.

I signed up for Noom, which is a slightly different weight loss approach than I have tried in the past. It doesn’t use restrictive eating as much as other programs I have tried, and it uses psychology to help educate and rewire your brain around food. I’ve been in therapy for many years and was afraid this would all be remedial stuff for me, but I have learned a lot from Noom so far. It’s a bit of an investment, it isn’t exactly cheap, but I really think it will help me. 

In other news, today I did my first exercise in a very long time. I did 20 minutes of beginner yoga and I think I might be in love with yoga! I’m totally hooked. I might be turning into a yoga chick. That’s a sentence I never in a million years would have thought I’d say. But I’m feeling a shift.

Thanks for reading. I’ll try to update frequently. Stay tuned. 


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